Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 9 now the fun begins

Ok so I saw it swim upside down, skimming the surface upside down, even saw it eating upside down on the bottom of the Betta tank (I mentioned yesterday that I moved it to some prime aquatic prime estate and being the only Triops... it's luxurious, no crowding, no fighting for food... wow what a Triops kind of life.

Ok small eww factor.. I saw it eating the carrot on it's back and was pooping at the same time... ah well but it's growing very nicely so, can't complain. It really really likes carrot...! I'm not kidding you!

Anyway there is only 1 small carrot bit left so I'll wait tonight and see if it eats it or not else I'll scoop it out and put in a fresh par boiled / softened fresh one... sounds like another carrot buffet for it. I'm wondering if I should go get an aquatic plant to help make a lil more oxygen...

Pictures and video turned out amazing today since the size of the Triops is much larger, so my digital camera focusing on macro is much better.



Looks like I don't have any favorite shot... was wanting to take another picture but it's upside down again eating.. bummer.. would have liked a top view nice clear shot. There's always tomorrow's report and probably it'll once again grow bigger.

Till then folks!

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