Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 10 sea Monkey, nah Triops are going bananas for bananas

Ok so the Triops continues to grow... (screams Godzilla!) It's about 1.8 cm maybe? Can't really measure it but it is growing. Sucked up a molted shell yesterday and see pictures and video below... it's growing big and strong.

So I did my 8.2 mile bicycle ride, and was blending bananas, blueberries with peach yogurt and orange juice and suddenly I thought... hey Triops likes organic food stuff... so why not scrape some of the inner side of banana peel and drop it in... variety is the spice of life since the prior carrots I didn't see it nibble much on it.

Holy Moly! It ate it like some kind of new dish in the organic buffet line.


Fav Pictures:

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