Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 4 Triops is HUGE! (like 5 - 6 mm huge........)

From a mere tiny dot egg... my baby Triops is now about 5 - 6 mm in size. Can I still call it a baby? Wow they do grow fast. Well nature is a harsh environment (especially since they survive in non permanent ponds) so survival of the fittest. I'm really surprised that out of 8 or 9 eggs only 1 hatched and definitely this is a keeper & survivalist.

Looks pretty orange probably due to feasting on the carrot. The carrot looks smaller / thinner and definitely signs of nibbling.

They are hermaphrodite so hopefully my one Triops will have self fertilized eggs and be able to give me a good source for future generations.

2 pictures and a video:

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